Health Insurance for US Visitors

Millions of people from all over the world visit the United States every year. Many come for business, specialized training, or university study, not to mention thousands of vacationing tourists. For US visitors, an unexpected medical expense can interrupt such plans, crippling a travel budget. Severe medical emergencies requiring hospitalization can drastically affect return travel, leaving visitors stranded. Travel health insurance for USA exchange activities can help alleviate the potential strain of an unexpected medical emergency. Some types of exchange programs even list visitor insurance in USA as a requirement for those wishing to participate.

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Multi-Trip Health Insurance for Employees

Many travelers are required to travel worldwide throughout the year. While concentrating on their business projects, they may forget the various risks that can be encountered while traveling abroad. The prudent executive will not wait for an accident or sickness to occur before seeking medical coverage for international travel.

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Extended Trip Global Health Insurance

Most people who frequently travel abroad are aware of the many risks encountered in foreign countries. They know that certain destinations are higher risks for particular diseases; therefore, they take precautions by getting shots to protect themselves. However, a more prudent plan is to purchase worldwide health insurance that provides protection against all medical emergencies rather than particular risks associated with specific areas.

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