Gateway Plus (Employment Assignment)
– International Property Insurance

When an international assignment is accepted, one of the important considerations is your personal insurance while living abroad. Gateway Plus can help support a smooth transition for you and your family. It helps protect your assets and provides security through the same type of coverage with which you may already be familiar.


Designed Expressly For Employees on International Assignment

Your Employer Provides

Comprehensive Personal Liability $500,000
Excess Personal Liability $1,000,000

Other options available at your cost

Personal Property Coverage
“all-risk” replacement cost for physical loss or damage to personal property belonging to your or family members residing with you

Personal Excess Liability
increase financial protection above and beyond liability coverage provided by your employer

Political Risk
provides additional coverage for loss of property resulting from political turmoil

covers property while in storage at a commercial warehouse anywhere in the world

Travel Accident Coverage
covers loss of life or limb and other emergency assistance services

Description of Coverage

Comprehensive Personal Liability Coverage
You are protected if legally required to pay damages to another due to bodily or person injury or property damage. This coverage also applies to your primary dwelling in your Home Country.

The plan covers third party bodily injury or property damage; legal defense, settlement, and supplementary payments in a legal situation; liability under any written contract or agreement and for a residence or lease agreement when mandated by local law or statute. Coverage also includes:

  • medical payments to others up to $25,000
  • first aid to others for a covered bodily injury
  • credit card liability up to $2,500
  • damage to property of others up to $500

Excess Liability Coverage
This provides additional financial protection over and above other liability coverage you maintain as outlined. This coverage provides an additional layer of protection over your Automobile, including rental cars, Watercraft, and Personal Liability insurance. Coverage features also include:

  • protection against personal injury liability including false arrest or imprisonment, libel, and slander liability
  • worldwide protecting wherever you travel
  • liability coverage for your primary residence in your Home Country

Underlying Limits (minimum coverage) is required for Excess Liability insurance. Refer to your contact (insuring agreement) for more details regarding Underlying Limits

What is not covered under Liability Coverage: 
This coverage is designed to protect your finances from unexpected costs. It does not protect you if you cause an intentional injury, or in business and professional situations, nor does it cover liability assumed under a written contract or agreement in connection with a business. Also, the plan specifically does not cover bodily injury or property damage caused by acts arising from:

  • ownership, maintenance or use of automobiles or watercraft (except as provided under Excess Liability Coverage subject to required underlying limits), or aircraft
  • damage to property you rent, occupy, use, or are in control of unless caused by fire, smoke, or explosion; and bodily injury or property damage arising out of any premises owned or rented by you which is not shown as a specified location

This is an overview of coverage only. Plan provisions including complete details on coverage, limitations, and exclusions are contained in the Policy Contract (insuring agreements).

Description of Other Coverage-Voluntary Options

Personal Property Coverage
Your personal property and belongings, and that of your family members residing with you, are insured for the full cost of repair or replacement after you pay a $100 deductible. “All-Risk” coverage protects you from loss or damage arising from any external cause, unless specifically excluded from this plan.

Some items have a specific aggregate limit for each occurrence:

  • $3,000 for unscheduled jewelry and watches
  • $200 for cash or currency, bank notes, or other monetary property (deductible dose not apply)
  • $1,000 on manuscripts, securities, accounts, bills, deeds, evidence of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, passports, or stamps including philatelic property.
  • $200 for accidental death or destruction of your domestic cat or dog
  • $1,000 for breakage of glassware, statuary marble, bric-a-brac, porcelains, lens or eyeglasses, or similar fragile items

These additional features are included in Personal Property coverage:
Personal baggage when traveling; inland transit of household goods for local moves and any regional reassignments provided that a transoceanic or intracoastal shipment is not involved; additional living expenses if your living quarters become uninhabitable due to a loss covered by your policy of up to 20% of the limit for unscheduled property; and additional living expenses if you are forbidden from occupying your premises as a result of damages to a property up to two weeks. Coverage extends to property of your dependents while attending school or away at college anywhere in the world.

Storage Coverage
Property coverage extends to unscheduled personal property stored in a commercial storage facility anywhere in the world.

Personal Property Coverage-Scheduled
You can add additional property protection coverage for items of distinct value-such as jewelry, fine arts (paintings and sculptures), antiques and hobby collections (stamps and coins in particular), and other property of value.

The plan provides all risk coverage for certain classes of property that you specifically list (Scheduled Property Listing) for the actual cost to repair or replace the insured item. Scheduled Personal Property is not subject to any policy sub-limit or deductible.

The following are examples of the types of property eligible for separate schedule:
Jewelry and watched; furs; antiques; fine arts; silverware; camera and photography equipment; and coin and stamp collections.

Political Risk Coverage
This coverage is designed to protect against loss of covered personal property caused by war; civil war or insurrection; expropriatory action; or acts of sabotage or terrorism. All losses are subject to a deductible per occurrence.

What is not covered under Personal Property Coverage:
There are some things the plan specifically does not cover-such as certain types of property-or loss/damage under circumstances in which this insurance does not apply. Some examples are

  • automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, watercraft, or other motor vehicles
  • jewelry or watches stored in commercial storage facility
  • normal wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, or gradual deterioration
  • marring and scratching unless caused by theft, burglary or robbery, vandalism, fire, windstorm, earthquake
  • property on exhibition or on premises of any national exposition
  • property used in professional entertainment, business or profession (except professional books, instruments, and other professional equipment while actually within the residence)
  • property ordinarily located throughout the year somewhere other than your overseas residence or commercial warehouse
  • damage to property resulting from war or nuclear radiation, contamination, or reaction

Travel Accident Coverage
This option provides an indemnity payment in the event of accidental bodily injury while traveling aboard a public conveyance or in a vehicle licensed to carry passengers for hire. When injury results in loss of life or limb, a sum is payable according to the policy schedule. The benefits extend to you and your spouse and/or child(ren) accompanying you on assignment.

Travel Accident Coverage also includes these additional features:

  • $2,500 in additional accidental medical treatment benefits
  • $5,000 to or on behalf of the surviving spouse for professional or trades program for the purpose of obtaining an independent income within 30 months from the date of death
  • $8,000 each school year in educational benefits for a child if the insured parents dies while the child is in college or in the 12th grade and enrolls in college within a year
  • $20,000 in expenses if an emergency medical evacuation is necessary due to an injury or sickness occurring within a 50 mile radius from you overseas residence
  • $2,500 toward expenses for the repatriation of remains
  • Worldwide Travel and Medical Assistance Services

For questions or discussion about the plans, applying for coverage, service or status of claim, or if assistance is needed on selecting the right plan, contact a dedicated GatewayPlans representative via email, telephone or fax:

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